Create a Game Idea Mindmap

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About Course

In this course you will learn how to create a mind map, based on game ideas, before you start programming a game.
If you struggle with: how to start programming a game idea then this course is for you.

Why this course?

Since I am creating unity game programming courses a lot of students have problems with, how to start in game creation Most of the time they wonder why I am doing things the way I do. So I decided to create this course.


This course is not a programming course. This course is more like a theory course, in which you learn how to create a strategy to create a game from the beginning.

Course Content

This course is mostly an “Audio Course” where i explain the process of content listed below. I will show and explain the conent with simple grafics and text.

Main topics

  • General game concepts
  • Breaking down to fundamentals
  • The game loop
  • The box concept
  • Content inside the box

Needed Tools

  • your brain, your ears
  • pen and paper
  • mind map software (optional)
  • no programming tools needed


At the end of the course you should have a better understanding of how to structure and plan game creation. You should have the ability to find out core elements or core features which will lead you to the answer: where do i start programming a game.

Are you interested in that topic? See you in the Course and start learning today.

Instructor: OctoMan

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to create a game core plan.
  • How to create a mindmap or gameloop plan.
  • Find out where to start to create games in general.
  • Learn to think different to simplify your entry into game creation.

Course Content

Course Content

  • Mindmap for Games – Intro
  • Mindmap for Games – Define Genre
  • Mindmap for Games – Define Goals
  • Mindmap for Games – Define Twist
  • Mindmap for Games – Core Features
  • Mindmap for Games – Core Nodes
  • Mindmap for Games – Game Loop
  • Mindmap for Games – Think in Boxes
  • Mindmap for Games – Key Structures
  • Mindmap for Games – Key Structures 2
  • Mindmap for Games – Key Structures 3
  • Mindmap for Games – Recap
  • Mindmap for Games – Overoptimizing
  • Mindmap for Games – Conclusion

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