OctoMan Games Academy opens its gates

Welcome to OctoMan Games Academy. This website will offer a lot of Unity Courses as well as other Online Courses which will help you take the next step into the Gaming Industry.

Depending on your goals as well as on your knowledge you may need to learn different things.
Also you should know that for in the Gaming Industry there are multiple Jobs available.

Gaming Industry

What is needed to create a Game? Is an Indie-Developer able to create a complete Game?
There are multiple steps to be done in Game Development, to create a full enjoyable Game.
Let’s take a look:

Storytelling (Not always needed)
User Interface Design
2D Art
3D Art
Animation 2D or 3D
VFX – Visual Effects and Particles
Sounds and Music

As you can see there is a lot more then just Programming or just Art needed in the Gaming Industry.
But is it possible to learn all that? I can tell you: “Yes. Absolutely!”

Get help from the outside, from freelancers as an example, is another way to create needed content if you don’t have knowledge for one or the other topic listed above.

Online Courses

Online Courses can help you to learn new Tools, become better in what you do already, and can provide a solid foundation for the Gaming Industry. All Courses on OctoManGames Academy are proven by thousands of Online Students already, and can help you take the next step into the Game Industry or to teach you how to become an Indie-Developer.

Maybe there are not all topics available in the Academy at the moment but i will grow it over time and will add more Online Coures in the future.